Vatican Museums with Sistine Chapel & St. Peter’s Basilica – Extended tour

`Yet I am learning``, Michelangelo

Taking this tour you will be able to explore other areas of the Vatican Museums not included in the standard tour and to move at a more relaxed pace.

This tour is a longer, extended version of the classical Vatican Museums with Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter’s tour. It will enable you to explore more of the Vatican ground at a more relaxed pace.

We will see the highlights of the Ancient Roman collections that include the famous Apollo Belvedere and the Laocoön, whose finding in 1506 was one of most exceptional events in the XVI century Rome.


You may choose to visit either the Borgia Apartment or the Vatican Pinacoteca, the official Vatican Painting Gallery.


The  Borgia Apartment is a suite of 6 rooms in the Apostolica Palace adapted for personal use by Pope Alexander the VI  – former cardinal Rodrigo Borgia from Spain – and his family at the end of the 15th century.

Here you will discover some portraits and family secrets of one of the most controversial papal families in history. Some portraits are hidden within the religious stories displayed paintings.  You will as well as get a glimpse into the dramatic life of Lucrezia, the Pope’s daughter – a stunning beauty – and her brother Cesare.


If drama and mystery are not your thing, you can choose to visit the Vatican Painting Gallery instead: a wonderful collection of paintings dating from the 12th to the 19th century. This is an extremely important collection, housing some true masterpieces, such as Leonardo’s St. Jerome, Caravaggio’s Deposition and the last painting Raphael worked on before dying, the Transfiguration.


From here, we will continue towards the Rooms of Raphael, considered one of the Vatican masterpieces with the Sistine Chapel. These 4 rooms are part of the papal apartments and some of them were painted by Raphael when his rival Michelangelo was painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  Among the paintings,  you will see the famous School of Athens, that made Raphael so popular with the Pope and one of the earliest portraits of the Swiss Guards in the Room of Heliodorus.


After your visit to the Sistine Chapel, we proceed to the imposing Saint Peter’s Basilica, the church built over Saint Peter’s tomb, one of the most stunning religious buildings in the world, ending the tour in Saint Peter’s Square.

✓ Courtyard of the Statues (Pius-Clementine Museum)

✓ Galleries of the Candelabra, Tapestries, Maps

✓ Raphael’s Rooms

✓ Sistine Chapel

✓ Saint Peter’s Basilica (skip the line)

✓ Vatican Painting Gallery or Borgia Apartments (your choice)

  • Tour duration: 4 hours
  • St. Peter’s Basilica cannot be visited on Wednesday morning or when the Pope holds Mass
  • Meeting point: the tour guide will wait for you outside the Vatican Museums entrance, by the white archway that says MUSEI VATICANI
  • Your tickets reservation: printed or digital format
  • Dress code that applies to all: covered shoulders and knees for the Sistine and the Basilica.
  • The Vatican Museums are not air-conditioned: we suggest bringing water with you
  • Large backpacks are not allowed
  • Only compact umbrellas are allowed inside the Museums

Admission tickets are not included. Ticket price: Adults: 21 €; Reduced: 12 €

Entrance from the Sistine directly into the Basilica of Saint Peter is allowed only with a guide but now it’s no longer free: it costs 1.5 € per person to add to the admission tickets cost

  • Tour for 1 person: 170 €
  • Tour for 2-3 persons:  220 €
  • Tour for  4-5 persons: 260 €
  • Tour for 6-7 persons: 280 €