• She-wolf - Capitoline Museums
  • Marcus Aurelius on horseback - Capitoline Museums
  • Colossal statue of Emperor Constantine - Capitoline Museums
  • The dying Gaul - Capitoline Museums
  • Ephesian Artemis - Capitoline Museums
  • Speaking statue of Marforio -Capitoline Museums
  • Inlaid marble - Capitoline Museums
  • Bust of emperor Commodus - Capitoline Museums

Capitoline Museums and Capitoline Hill Tour


Discover the treasures of ancient Rome with our premium Capitoline Museums tour.  This tour takes you on a journey through the incredible art and artifacts of one of the world’s most significant archaeological collections. Discover the magnificent splendors of the ancient world’s greatest empire on the private tour of the Capitoline Museums and Capitoline Hill.


Taking their name from the ancient Capitoline Hill, the Capitoline Museums are the most ancient museum in the world, whose foundation goes back to 1474. Back then Pope Sixtus IV donated some bronze statues of great symbolic value to the People of Rome.


As you explore the Capitoline museums’ galleries, you’ll discover the art and culture of ancient Rome, from the intricate marble sculptures of the emperors to the stunning frescoes and mosaics of the ancient Roman villas. Admire the famous masterpieces such as the iconic bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius and the Capitoline She-wolf, the symbol of the city of Rome, and Bernini’s notorious Medusa.


Located on top of the hill, the collections of the Capitoline Museums are housed in two different buildings connected by an underground passage. This passage will offer you one of the most spectacular views of the Roman Forum, ancient Rome’s political and religious center.


On this private tour of the Capitoline Museums, you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and delve deeper into the fascinating stories behind the exhibits.


This tour will be an enriching memorable experience of Ancient Rome, the perfect complement to your Colosseum tour.


For more info on the Capitoline Museums’ Collections, please visit:  https://www.museicapitolini.org/


✓ Palazzo dei Conservatori
✓ Bronze statues of the She-Wolf, Brutus, Hercules, Marcus Aurelius

✓ Esquiline Venus, Commodus as Hercules

✓ Tabularium gallery with a view over the Roman Forum

✓ Palazzo Nuovo

✓ The dying Gaul

✓ The drunken satyr

✓ The centaurs from Hadrian’s Villa

✓ The mosaic of the doves

✓ The “speaking statue” called Marforio

  • Tour duration: approx 2 hours
  • The tour doesn’t run on the first Sunday of the month
  • Meeting point: the tour guide will wait for you by the statue of Marcus Aurelius in Piazza del Campidoglio
  • All bags must be left at the checkroom upon entrance after the security checks

  Admission tickets are not included. Adults: 17 €; kids aged 6-25: 15 €


  • Tour for 2-3 people: 180 €
  • Tour for 4-5 people: 200 €
  • Tour for 6-7 people: 240 €


Capitoline Hill, Capitoline Museums