Hi, would you like to see Rome with me?

Hi, would you like to see Rome with me?

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My name is Marta and I am a licensed Tour Guide of Rome. I hold a MD in Foreign Languages and Literatures and I have completed testing and coursework toward a BA in Art History.

When I first moved from a small town nearby to the Eternal City 15 years ago, I felt very lucky and started touring this city, site by site, dedicating each day to a new exciting venue. The thing I like most about Rome is the fact that this discovery and journey in time can be almost endless due to the huge amount of its artistic and archeological treasures; even a simple stroll at dusk through the familiar cobbled streets of the city center can potentially hide something new to me, a new view, a new romantic side… read more


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  • In addition to the famous Sistine Chapel and the Rooms of Raphael, the Vatican Museums contain an incomparable collection of artworks. While it’s impossible to miss some of the rooms as they’re part of the route that takes visitors to the Sistine Chapel, there are some......

  • The Pantheon is no doubt one of the most impressive and visited places in Rome and, after nearly 2000 years, still stands as a testament to the skills of the ancient Romans as engineers. 1. Compared to many other ancient buildings in the city pillaged......

  • Villa Farnesina is a true  gem and one of the best off the beaten path places in Rome. The Villa is located in Trastevere, a popular medieval neighborhood just across the Tiber river from the city centre (Trastevere from Latin: across the Tiber or trans......

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